"How do I purchase products from Aperture By Steve Davis?"


This process is very simple. The best way to begin is to "Register" an account with Aperture By Steve Davis. To do this click on "Login or Register" on the right side of the header just below the Aperture logo on the Home Page. By setting up the account in advance it allows you to look through multiple galleries and save favorites. By saving favorites this allows you to "Share" images with friends and family and it also makes it easier to locate your images you plan to purchase without having to go back through galleries multiple times to relocate these images. This can sometimes be time consuming with galleries that contain thousands of images. Consider your "Favorites" your own personal "Gallery."

To purchase products with or without an account let's begin at the Aperture Home Page. First locate the gallery from the event you would like to see. All Aperture Images are located in the two drop down menus on the left side of the header just below the Aperture logo on the Home Page. "Event Galleries" contain photos of Sports, Dance, Wildlife, Landscape, Nature and "Client Galleries" contain photos of Senior/Family Portraits and Corporate. As an example, I will walk you through as if I am purchasing photos from a recent ski meet. So from the Home Page drop down menu click "Event Galleries" then click "Sports" then click "2013/14 High School" then click "Ski & Snowboard." The Galleries are listed by the date and description of the event. From here the Gallery opens up all the images from that day's event. The number of total pages in that one gallery are shown in grey on the bottom of the page, click "Show All" to make the navigating and scrolling through the images easier. Once you find an image you like "click" on that single image. With this single image on the screen you can save this image to "Favorites" or "Buy" a couple of different ways. By hoovering your cursor over the upper right of the image you are able to quickly save it to "Favorites" by clicking on the heart symbol that appears. When successfully added as a "Favorite" the heart will turn red. It can be deselected by clicking it again and it will turn gray. By hoovering your cursor upper left of the image you get a drop down menu that allows you multiple choices including buying this image. You can also purchase the image in another location just to the upper right of that image. The "Buy" button has a drop down menu which allows you to "Select Product" or "Save for purchase later" or you can simply click the "Buy" button to get into the menu of many products to purchase from.

It is here that the pricing of the individual products and sizes of the products are viewed. For example, if you know you want to purchase a regular print of an image then click the "Prints" category and this opens up a multitude of sizes and the prices for each size. Select the size you want click "Add To Cart." You now have the choice to continue shopping for more products of that same image, shop for more images or simply check out. Take time to browse through all of the products that are available to display the Aperture By Steve Davis images. Vivid Metal Prints, Photo Books, Canvas Wraps, Greeting Cards are just a few examples of the hundreds of choices. A registered user with an account can simply check out with credit card information or by PayPal at this point. Aperture By Steve Davis receives an email of your order and the photo(s) are edited and cropping is precisely viewed before the order is released to the professional photo lab. Your order is shipped directly from the lab to your location.

If you have further questions on the process of ordering products from Aperture, please don't hesitate to contact me via email at [email protected] or on my cell at 608-799-2595.

Enjoy your images and thank you for choosing Aperture By Steve Davis!!