High School Senior Photo Pricing

Aperture By Steve Davis has a very simplified pricing structure for any senior photo shoot. The photo session shooting fee is $100.00 per hour and is collected at the completion of the shoot. All images from the shoot are uploaded to the senior's gallery at www.aperturebystevedavis.com.  Images are purchased directly from my website at anytime following the shoot at your leisure. If you wish to have a "casual" sitting and a "sports/talent" sitting, these can be photographed on separate days if necessary. No extra charges for outfit changes or location changes on each shoot. Only ONE senior is booked per day. Most shoots are booked in the late afternoon and early evening from early June through late October. Original digital files from any shoot are also available for purchase. Aperture will be glad to sit down and go over location ideas and possible clothing choices with your high school senior. Once sample photos are edited and all photos are posted, Aperture will also assist you in the process of ordering photos if you wish. To dedicate the time necessary to each senior, Aperture limits the number to 25 seniors per summer/fall so plan ahead and book early.  


High School Senior Casual Photo Examples












High School Senior Sports Photo Examples